A perfect choice for restaurants

Maximize your sales and enhance your business with smart trading POS software by digitalizing every slice of your business

The best restaurant point of sale system

Smart trading POS is one of the best POS software in Pakistan that helps the restaurant to manage each and everything digitally, such as inventory, menus, tables, payment, customers, and much more. POS software provides regular updates about sales, inventory, and products that allow the owners to make health decisions. It is armed with versatile features. Staff can serve customers more quickly and efficiently. Through an advanced point of sale system, you can monitor everything by a single system by just a few clicks as you have access to all arranged information with a dynamic dashboard

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Inventory management

Point of sale system with a stock management system, you can track your inventory items and can alert the concerned staff about the low stock of any food item.

Staff management

Restaurant POS software make it much easy as compared to the manual system to manage your staff’s schedules, performance, salaries, overtimes, etc

Payment Gateways

As the best point of sale software in Pakistan provides a variety of payment gateways, you can choose such a payment method that is suitable for your business.

Customer relationship management

POS system Lahore provides the best way to make good relations with the customer by caring for the interest of your customers through the point of sale database.

Multi-branch management

Manage your different branches with a single system from the head office even without visiting the branches through the point of sale system.


Now don’t worry about time and location after integrating smart trading point of sale software, manage your restaurant from anywhere and anytime.

Increase sales

A smart trading point-of-sale system is designed in such a way that you can generate more revenue by less cost

Change your check system

POS system assists your staff in moving towards more profitable items with a digital menu and automatic alerts.

Take orders quickly

More orders will enhance your sales so integrate POS software to take orders quickly and send order notification direct to kitchen.

Purchase & Stock

Manage your Purchases, Stock and Inventory more smartly and efficiently than ever before using smart trading POS

Bright future with timely decisions

A smart trading point of sale system enables you to generate analytical reports about sales and inventory to get a comprehensive understanding of your business. Analyze your data and make healthy decisions for a successful future

Analytical reports

Keep an eye on daily sales through analytical reports data, summaries regular sales and costs and profit.

Data Insights

The point of sale software provides instant analysis of ongoing things. Evaluate product sales and profits.

Stock management

Stock management is the most critical thing to manage in a restaurant, but don’t worry. Smart trading POS is here to manage your inventory and to update you.

Improve services

Our point of sale system is the best option to enhance your customer experience and to improve your service

Manage your customers efficiently

Take orders through digital devices, manage your tables more quickly, and speed up your order taking and delivering system.

Advance your payment methods

Through the POS system, use advance payment gateways such as debit and credit card payment to serve you, customers, in a better way.

Informed staff

When your team has all information on a single system, then they will be able to answer any query of customers.

Real-time menu management

Our restaurant POS software allows you to manage your menu digitally. On the other hand, it also helps to manage reservations and customized tables without any error. You can also inform you are concerned department about menu changes and bookings from anywhere