Get some extra profit

Grow your retail business with the best POS software in Pakistan to generate some extra revenue.

Key features of retail point of sale software

Smart trading point of sale system is designed in such a way that it manages everything inventory management to analytical reports. By integrating point of sale software, you will be able to manage your whole business on single click

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Inventory management

Don’t worry about your large inventory system. Our POS system software has such a robust inventory management system that will save your time and will also keep you away from costly errors.

Data analysis

Save your business from costly errors by wrong decisions, get detailed analysis about your business, and make timely decisions for a better future

Have your figures on your tips

The best POS system Lahore allows you to calculate error less analytical data figures whenever you need them.

Manage your staff

Through the retail software, you can track your employee data, such as you can calculate their extra work hours, performance, sales, etc.

Gift card management

The smart trading retail management system provides gift card management for regular customers.

Focus on your top sale item

Through POS software keep your focus on top-rated items so that you can decide you should drive your business in which manner.

Build a healthy relationship with customers

Know about the interests of your customers with a user-friendly customer relationship management dashboard. Engage them in ethically by giving them loyalty programs, gift vouchers, discounts, and email or SMS them to keep them updated

Smart trading retail POS software an efficient way to grow your business

A small trading point of sale is an easy, reliable, and economical solution for retail companies

Easy to use

Our POS system is designed in such a way that it simplifies routine tasks while providing a total command on every aspect of your retail software.


The system is customizable according to your needs. If you need any changes, don’t worry, it is much easy to customized.

Low-cost, high revenue

Get more profits, our POS system is budget-friendly but provides excellent features that will boost up your revenue.

Smart trading retail POS software makes the payment process easier

The smart trading smart cash register is an efficient system to manage the whole payment system. It also enhances productivity and provides an errorless environment


You can customize the smart trading system in the way you need for better transactions. It also provides different payment gateways such as debit or credit card payments.

Refunds and returns

You can manage returns and refunds efficiently through a digital point of sale system. without asking customers about receipts .


POS software allows you to manage discounts and tracking of already offered discounts.

User authorization

The system provides the privilege to give authorized access to users, just authorized users can access the system .